Tuesday, July 23

Mexican companies break records and form new alliances

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Mexican companies import raw materials and agree on mutual work with Russian partners

Despite the decline in the global economy, Mexican companies show that they are able to buy expensive resources and cooperate with international partners. The state-owned oil and gas corporation Pemex has reported record gasoline supplies from abroad, while Aeromexico has signed a cooperation agreement with Russian Aeroflot.

Pemex increases import turnover

Premex imported 765,000 barrels of fuel between January 1 and 9, 2019. This is a record-breaking figure in the history of the company. Mexican President Andres Obrador reported the news. Thus, he refuted rumors that problems with fuel supplies to local states were caused by fallen imports.
Mexico has been increasing gasoline imports since November 2018. Back then, the company received an average of 594,000 barrels per day. In December, the rate fell slightly to 559,000. Such high volumes of purchases are caused by the lack of refining capacity in the country. For this reason, the state receives over 70% of its gasoline from other countries, particularly the USA.
The previous record for fuel imports was set by Mexico two years ago. Then the number of barrels supplied was much lower – “only” 682,000.

Mexican company Aeromexico is a partner of Aeroflot

Other news came from the air travel market. It is reported that Aeromexico, one of the co-founders of the international air alliance SkyTeam, will now work in cooperation with “Aeroflot”. The agreement provides for the common use of flights for transfers from Moscow to Mexico City.

Partner flights will pass through Europe. Aeromexico representatives stated that clients from Mexico will be able to travel to Moscow through a number of European capitals, in particular Madrid, Paris, London and Amsterdam. The company operates in these cities.
As both Aeroflot and Aeromexico are members of the Sky Team, the signed agreement also means frequent flyer bonuses and enjoyable mileage accrual conditions to pay for tickets. Airline customers will also have access to SkyPriority terms and conditions. This includes the ability to wait in VIP lounges, priority baggage and flight check-in and other services.


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