Tuesday, July 23

Google introduced a new tool Privacy Sandbox

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Features of data protection with Privacy Sandbox

American corporation Google announced the launch of Privacy Sandbox, which provides data protection for Android smartphones. To do this, the developer has changed the settings of targeting ads for mobile devices.
The reason for this Google decision was the ban on tracking and storage of user information on mobile devices from Apple. After this, the IT giant also began to analyze the problem in order to keep the information transmitted by Android, but without violating the privacy of users. It should be noted that most of the applications in Google Play are free and provide free access to various data. Experts note that the previous rules of interaction between advertisers and users no longer provide the necessary level of efficiency, so Google has decided to create new requirements that will allow for privacy, but will not restrict the activities of advertisers.
At the end of last year, the corporation introduced the Privacy Sandbox system, which allows users to control information for further processing and storage. This special advertising identifier allows free downloads of applications, but the protected information will not be disclosed. This way, the developers want to avoid the use of illegal ways of collecting data from users without their permission. With Privacy Sandbox information does not fall to third parties.Privacy Sandbox systemIn addition, Google announced plans to create an innovative technology that can minimize the possibility of collecting information by covert methods. This project will also introduce more transparent options for integrating the app with advertising SDKs.
As for the Privacy Sandbox system, it is primarily aimed at creating optimal conditions for broadcast advertising, taking into account privacy rules. This will provide users with the assurance that their personal data is securely protected. In turn, the application of Privacy Sandbox will not affect the functionality of the platform for advertising campaigns. Google assures that the terms of the advertising platform will not change in the next two years. If after this time any restrictions will be introduced, the corporation will announce them in advance.
However, the Privacy Sandbox system has already been criticized by experts. First of all, they note the fact that the developers do not necessarily take into account the algorithms of this tool. The fact is that Google does not control those who will collect data through other mechanisms, without the use of Privacy Sandbox. That is, the application of the system is not mandatory, which means that the corporation will not be able to fully restrict advertisers to the same extent, as, for example, Apple does it.


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