Saturday, July 13

Bonds of Sberbank of Russia available for purchase again

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Bond issue by Sberbank of Russia: amount of securities and term of circulation

The other day, almost 14% of Sberbank’s bonds were withdrawn on the exchange, the total amount of which is 38.1 million rubles. Investment securities of the type IOS-SP_ROT-PRT-42m-001R-157R have a nominal amount of 300 million rubles.
The financial institution has placed 4,992 bonds, the actual value of which is fixed at 93% of the nominal price. They will be in circulation for 3.5 years at par value of 1 thousand rubles. According to the established norms of the issue, the rate per coupon is 0.01% per annum. In addition, the payment of a certain additional amount is guaranteed in this case.
The placement of securities from Sberbank of Russia was carried out according to the program of exchange bonds, which was introduced in 2015. Their volume is 700 billion rubles.
The first batch of structural bonds for six months, worth 456.419 million rubles, appeared on the market in late 2016. The additional income directly depended on the state of the national currency to dollar ratio. These bonds differed in additional income, the amount of which was floating, but the repayment of the main share of debt was guaranteed. After a while, they were called investment bonds.
Now there are about 145 bond issues from a Russian bank in use, their total amount is almost 499 billion rubles. In addition, there is a batch of classic bonds worth 18.5 billion rubles on the market, as well as three times they issued structural bonds, the value of which is determined in dollars. The amount of the latter is $44.72 million.

Who invests the most in bonds?

Sberbank conducted a comprehensive study to understand which age group uses financial instruments to generate additional income. It turned out that investment is in demand among young people aged 18-25, with 80% of them buying bonds. This number of citizens is growing regularly, and their assets are increasing, approaching the level of 1 billion rubles. It is gratifying that the percentage of awareness among the young generation is increasing. People are interested in tools for capital growth, their use, learn to manage assets and invest in bonds.

According to the research, about 59% of the representatives of the group from 18 to 25 years old give preference to shares, which makes up 14% of their total assets. 2% of people invest in the real estate market, 3% consider products with capital protection to be the best option. In addition, users can apply several options for financial instruments.
Another promising area for young people is various funded insurance programs. The monthly contribution in this case is about 2,719 thousand rubles. Most of the interviewed clients aim to accumulate the amount of 300 thousand roubles, planning to save up funds within 10 years.


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