Tuesday, July 23

How smart technology evolves: analytics from SAS

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Smart technologies and their place in the global progress

The American company SAS, specializing in the development of software for the implementation of analytics of different orientations, conducted a study of trends that are typical for all markets, regardless of industry and country. As a result, the company has revealed that the main driver of the development of sectors is smart technologies.
Despite the general trend, the specifics of the use and implementation of artificial intelligence technologies may differ from country to country. For example, in Ukraine, there is a significant shortage of IT personnel. On the one hand, this contributes to the increase in the number of courses and schools for training specialists, and on the other hand, increases the popularity of the Citizen Data Scientist model. The latter is an approach where companies use developments based on artificial intelligence, providing them with flexible interfaces. This makes modern digital tools accessible to people without certain IT or AI skills.
According to an analysis from SAS, a major trend is the spread of AI-based technologies. The use of such solutions is ubiquitous and conquering more areas. However, the more AI products there are, the more acute the question of ethics becomes. For example, there are times when smart technologies make decisions based on a customer’s racial or gender identity, which can be seen as racist bias, gender inequality. Such factors limit areas for AI and make it skeptical of its results.

Smart technology as the main driver

The European Union decided not to wait for the ethical side to question the effectiveness of smart technology and developed regulations for AI. According to the authors of the project, the list of regulations will make technological products more transparent and increase their level of reliability for various fields. As part of this strategy, many European companies are paying more and more attention to the ethics of AI. To do this, they are laying down certain rules in the functionality of solutions based on artificial intelligence, even at the stage of their development. In addition, clients are consulted before the implementation of programs, and they are warned about the risks associated with the use of AI.
At the same time, experts note the high value of smart technologies, which are most evident when applied to business models. This entails an increase in the demand for the concept of ModelOps.
The leap in digital transformation was seen in 2021 when the entire world had to reorganize and move first to a remote format and then to a hybrid interaction model. All this contributed to the growth of new solutions for customer customization, the emergence of effective models for conducting detailed analytics of large data sets. According to SAS, this direction will continue to evolve, and with it – improve approaches in artificial intelligence technologies and related models.


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