Tuesday, July 23

SOC: Overview of Security Operations Center functions

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SOC – the perfect solution for cybersecurity

The increasing incidence of cyber attacks, which slow down the work of large enterprises, forces professionals to look for new ways to protect systems. In this case, the work of SOC – a team of professionals who deal with Internet security – is more relevant than ever.
One of the tasks of the Security Operations Center is to protect computer networks and the company as a whole in real time. For this purpose, the latest technologies and approaches are used, cyber-specialists react to the most complex situations in time. In complex it allows minimizing damage to the business. The SOC’s responsibilities include analyzing threats and searching for system vulnerabilities, as well as carrying out preventive measures.
The center processes a huge amount of information, both manually and automatically by computer systems. An important aspect of the SOC’s work is the ability to be proactive. To do this, experts regularly scan devices to identify weaknesses and errors. The system allows analyzing all the processes and distinguishing true from false threats. Prompt reaction to any security incident plays an important role. Every day, SOC collects and analyzes 10 to 100 million security events. Part of the work is done automatically, but when a threat is detected, the decision on further action is made by a specialist.


SOC provides continuous control over business processes and their security. In contrast to standard IT-departments, SOC specialists work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Thus, regular monitoring is conducted, which significantly increases the chances of a timely response to suspicious activities. In the case of cyberattacks, speed is critical.
All data about break-ins and intrusion attempts are received by the Center, where they are processed and stored. Thanks to this SOC collects information, analyzes it and, based on the results, develops mechanisms to respond to this or that situation. Thus, experts are ready to protect their clients from the huge number of cyber-threats and attempts of Internet-fraud. Therefore, the probability that an attack will be missed is practically minimized.
SOC services for businesses are a great investment in security that works in the long term. By partnering with the Center, a company can significantly reduce the cost of cyber defense and increase its efficiency.
SOC operations are carried out both centrally and dispersed. In the first case, all the information from different departments comes to a single center. Already here the processing takes place, video from cameras, signals and alerts are compared. In the case of a decentralized model, all centers operate separately from each other, and only important data are transmitted to the main office.


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