Wednesday, June 12

.Swoosh: a platform for buying and making clothes and shoes from Nike

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Nike Corporation unveiled its virtual platform .Swoosh

Metaverses and Web3 continue to be intensely integrated into real life – and thereby force businesses to expand the scope of their activities. No one is surprised anymore by fashion shows and collections from global brands created exclusively for metaverses. Nike Corporation went a little further and created .Swoosh – a Web3 platform that allows you to buy, sell, and develop virtual shoes yourself. The main purpose of the platform the authors call the possibility for users to create digital clothing and accessories. In addition, the platform will allow people in the future to earn from their creativity through the receipt of royalties. Right now .Swoosh is in the beta-testing stage.
Every participant can present his or her digital collection, and contests will be held within the platform, the winners of which will be involved in the creation of virtual Nike collections. In addition, the company promises that on .Swoosh users will be able to get real advice from professionals, the space will host meetings with various athletes and celebrities. In addition, members of the platform will be able to get unique products from Nike. The authors promise that the first collection on .Swoosh will appear as early as this year.

web3 platform .Swoosh

It should be noted that this platform is not Nike’s first attempt to enter the virtual world. The brand introduced its NFT products after acquiring RTFKT Studios, which is engaged in Web3 development and services. Nike’s first products in the metaverse were sneakers, which are still popular in the virtual space. The creation of .Swoosh will open up new opportunities for fans of the brand. They will be able not only to collect digital versions of clothing and footwear from Nike but also to create their own models. The brand’s NFT products will be minted on one of the Ethereum infrastructure’s sidechain networks called Polygon.
The development of the virtual world has also touched the creative industry as a whole. Designers now have another space to realize their ideas, and artists have a new competitor – artificial intelligence. The creators of the Midjourney neural network announced the testing of a new version of the product, which will be much smarter than the previous ones. The service is able to transform the text into an image and does it extremely detailed, not inferior to a real artist. The new version of Midjourney interacts through simple prompts that result in high-quality results. Artificial intelligence knows how to find the right composition and ideal proportions for the objects in the drawing. As a result, the service is almost identical to real photographs. So in the future, programs such as Midjourney will be able to fully compete with the creations of artists and even surpass them. However, this will not happen soon, so there is no need to worry yet.


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