Saturday, July 13

Futures in the US: Dependence of indicators on processes between Washington and Beijing

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Futures in the USA: a trade summary of key market indicators

The trade war and the uncertainty of the outcome of negotiations between Washington and Beijing are reflected in the stock markets of many countries. Recently, it became known that futures in the U.S. have fallen, which was caused by a proposal from the Chinese side to meet to discuss details of the conflict settlement.
As a result, Nasdaq 100 lost 4 points, dropping by 0.1%, while Dow contracts decreased by 7 points, which is 0.1%. Futures on the companies that make up the S&P 500 remained unchanged and still hold 3108.12 points.
According to the authoritative media, China took the initiative and offered to negotiate, but has not yet received an official response from the US. Tensions between Washington and Beijing have been growing recently, and one of the reasons for this is the bill that was adopted recently in the White House. According to this document, the U.S. supported the protests in Hong Kong, which is contrary to China’s policy, which does not want to make concessions and insists on a tough settlement of the conflict.
For his part, President Donald Trump said he was considering an option to cancel the duty increase for the Apple corporation. Earlier, it was reported that the new tariffs will be introduced on December 15, which caused a jump in the value of the company shares by 0.4%.

Tesla Inc. securities also rose in price, but in this case the incentive was the presentation of a new model of electric car. They presented a unique pickup truck in Los Angeles.
The shares of Tiffany & Co jewelry chain went up, having increased by 3.7%. The positive dynamics began to be tracked after the multinationals of luxury products corporation LVMH announced its intention to purchase the American brand, raising the initial value of the deal to $130 per share.
Not all major U.S. companies presented their revenue reports. The results of Gap Inc, Berry Global Group Inc, Club Holdings Inc and others should be announced before the opening of trading.
Weekly applications will be published soon, reflecting the state of unemployment benefits and production data from the Philadelphia Federal Reserve. We also expect a report on the status and sales volumes of the secondary U.S. residential property market.
In the segment of commodities, gold futures show a decline, they shed 0.4%, and now the troy ounce costs $1469.05. The U.S. national currency index has decreased by 0.1% compared to the 6 major currencies, and is fixed at 97.705. Oil sank by 0.3%, while $56 per barrel of rough is asked for.


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