Tuesday, July 23

Brand reputation: what to do if it has been damaged

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The reputation of the company on the Internet: how to identify the problem

The culture of cancellation has demonstrated how important reputation is for famous people and companies. Moreover, in the era of digitalization, all actions in relation to it are carried out in the Internet space, which means that it becomes more and more difficult to control them. One careless statement can forever destroy a positive brand image that has been built up over the years.
Users are the main ones in the formation of the reputation. They create a certain image for the company through reviews, comments, and reviews of purchases on social networks. And such information spreads instantly, and it is very difficult to manage. However, experts have learned how to build the right reputation by influencing the target audience online. This approach is called ORM, or online reputation management, and includes 4 blocks:
– analyzing the current situation;
– response;
– publication of information that will override the damage from the previous one.


To implement the first phase of the work, special programs are used that monitor all mentions of the company on the Internet. Then they start analyzing the data received and on the basis of that data they take measures to increase positions in the search results. In addition to that, the specialists use a variety of tools, including SMM techniques and programs to respond to a large number of mentions on the Internet.
Mention monitoring allows seeing an objective picture of brand perception in the network. This approach divides all mentions into positive, negative, and neutral, and shows which ones are prevalent. Besides, monitoring shows on what resources the information about a brand is placed and in what way it is reflected. There are various services for automatic search of references, the most popular are Brand Analytics and IQBuzz.
SERM is a set of tools that allows you to manage search engine reputation. Thanks to this approach, it is possible to reduce the number of negative references on the first page of search results.
When all the problems are identified, it is important to cover the negative mentions with positive information about the company. It is important to show the reaction of the brand to the situation, and only after that begin to build a positive image. You have to be prepared for the fact that this process may take a long time.
The optimal solution here is to focus on communication with users, and social networks will help with this. Social networks can be used to show the audience what the company does for its business, and to transmit its values and position on various questions. Special attention should be paid to communication with subscribers through comments, this approach stimulates an increase in UGC content. And do not be afraid if a conflict arises – it should be resolved openly, apologize in time and show actions that you correct the situation.


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