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Contact with the client: how to improve interaction when working remotely

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How to keep in touch with the client: tips

Activity in the b2b sector is considered successful when clients receive a high level of service, close cooperation with the manager, and feel the professionalism of the partner in every aspect of work. In face-to-face communication the positive aspects are easier to demonstrate, the difficulties are caused by contact with the client in the online mode.
In the case of remote work, warm contacts are quite often lost, and the connection with clients is broken and becomes more fragile. Therefore, it is important to regularly maintain relationships with clients and increase the number of orders. Experts highlight several steps that will help maintain close contact when there are no face-to-face meetings.
The first tip is to use as much modern technology as possible. They will help maintain regular communication, to fuel interest. However, it should be understood that one should not give up on periodic meetings. The manager needs to build a communication plan with clients, and designate the style of communication and its limits, the number of contacts, and face-to-face meetings. In addition, it is necessary to adhere to expectations regarding the timing of orders, as well as to discuss in advance the most convenient way of communication with the client.

Contact with the client

The second task of the manager when working remotely is the empathic component of cooperation. The client should not be seen as an object for the conclusion of a sale, but as a person with his own needs and problems. An excellent option for getting to know the customer better would be various events, such as webinars and presentations.
Feedback from clients will help understand the problems that exist in the team, and the reasons for the drop in sales. It is important to regularly ask the customer if he is satisfied with everything and if there are any complaints about certain aspects of cooperation. This way you can identify weak points and shortcomings in communication. Working on mistakes helps determine points of growth for the company as a whole and improves the level of service.
It is worth understanding that it is impossible to retain all clients, but understanding the reasons for their departure will help prevent such cases in the future. In addition, you can think of a plan for the return of the client after a certain period of time. Often customers do not get enough attention from managers, or they do not listen to the client’s needs.
There are problems with customer service all over the world, as evidenced by surveys. So that’s where you need to start working, and only communication will help. The optimal solution is to conduct a survey, and on the basis of its results determine the way forward. Talk and listen to your customers, put their needs first, and then the number of sales will increase significantly. The main thing is to keep in touch regularly and not to forget that you need each other.


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