Tuesday, July 23

Email marketing as one of the most effective tools for brand promotion

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Email marketing: types and benefits

Email marketing has long been one of the most effective ways for companies to promote themselves. In addition, it helps to establish communication with customers and strengthen the relationship between the target audience and the brand.
Email marketing involves sending emails to existing and potential customers in order to increase conversions and introduce a particular product. In addition, this approach contributes to brand awareness in general. International research shows that email marketing brings an average ROI of $46 for each dollar invested by the company for promotion.
This method of promotion has a number of advantages, which makes it one of the most popular tools:
– allows you to promote products and services;
– increases the amount of traffic to the site;
– increases the customer base by making real customers out of potential consumers;
– increases brand awareness;
– helps one-time customers to make regular ones.
Email marketing gives you the opportunity to interact with your target audience directly, which makes this approach more effective than other promotional activities. For example, an email letter will be noticed faster than a social media post.

What email marketing is

An email newsletter increases the effectiveness of a strategy when it targets a specific category of users who share common preferences and concerns. According to research, targeted newsletters work much better than just sending emails to an entire list of customer base.
The email is tailored to the task and purpose. It can be information about a new product, the beginning of discounts, promotions, or confirmation of a successful transaction. Based on this, there are several types of emails:
– Marketing. Aimed at attracting attention to a particular product, informs the user about new offers.
– News. It informs users about important events in the company’s life, website updates, events, interesting posts, or videos on the website. This option is used regularly with a chosen frequency, for example, once a month or quarter.
– Autosend. It informs about making a purchase, confirms users’ registration, and reminds them about the planned event.
For email marketing to be effective, there are a number of preparatory steps you need to take before you send your emails. The first thing to start with is segmenting your target audience. This will allow you to specifically target customers and thus increase their number. Consumers are divided into different categories – by age, preferences, history of products in question, and other criteria.
Much also depends on the quality of the content. Letters should not be blatant and intrusive advertising, their content should interest customers. The information should not be presented in a dry way, simply listing promotions – it’s better to do it in an original way, but with the specifics of the user category in mind.


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