Tuesday, July 23

Maxima Latvija retail chain has introduced digital receipts

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Digital receipts can now be received by email instead of at the store’s cash desk

Maxima Latvija has introduced digital receipts in all stores of the chain. They are available for Paldies loyalty program customers, who will now receive the document by email. In addition, all receipts can be viewed through a mobile application presented by the store chain. The investment in the implementation of this solution amounted to more than 50 thousand euros.
To activate regular receipt of digital checks, it is necessary to make a corresponding request through a personal account on the Paldies loyalty program website or in the mobile app. This will allow you to receive a report on the purchases made only in electronic form. When buying goods in Maxima stores the customer will need to activate their loyalty card and the system will automatically send the receipt to their email. However, the paper version will not be issued directly in the store. All reports will be saved in the mobile application or in the personal account on the network’s website, in the “Purchase history” section. This function is available in all stores, of which there are 173 in Latvia.

digital receipts

In addition to introducing the ability to receive receipts electronically, the company has improved its “Scan yourself” service, which allows for contactless shopping. Using a mobile app, a store customer can scan goods without being directly at the cash register. It is possible to pay for purchases by performing simple actions in a special payment zone or at a self-service checkout without having to scan the goods again. This service is available in the chain’s major stores in Riga and Marupe.
The Maxima chain stores are part of the Maxima Group led by Vilniaus prekyba. The first store was opened in 1992 when it was called VP Market. The chain developed actively and in 2006 it underwent a large-scale transformation. As a result, the stores were divided by size, of which there are four types:
– Maxima X. Small outlets, which have the status of “store by the house”. The assortment is represented by the most necessary products;
– XX – facilities with a large assortment of goods of different categories;
– XXX – hypermarkets;
– XXXX – a huge store, which is so far only one in the entire network. It is located in the Akropolis shopping mall, which is considered to be the largest facility of this type in Lithuania.
The chain appeared in Latvia in 2001 when the first store was opened in the capital. In Lithuania, Maxima stores rank first in the retail sector with a share of 36%. More than 225 facilities operate here. In addition, the company is actively entering other countries’ markets, such as Estonia, Poland, and Bulgaria. In the latter two countries, the chain is represented under the Aldik and T-market brands.


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