Saturday, July 13

French government stimulates industrial sector to reduce CO2 emissions

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The French government is interested in reducing greenhouse gases

The period for achieving the goals of the climate strategy is getting closer, which means that countries need to take more decisive steps in order to achieve greater success. In order to stimulate local companies, the French government has introduced a new program under which the amount of state aid to enterprises will be doubled. However, this condition applies to representatives of the industrial sector who will halve their carbon dioxide emissions. It should be noted that this industry accounts for a significant part of all harmful emissions in France, with 50% of greenhouse gases emitted by the facilities of 50 large local enterprises.
In order to remind businesses of the importance of an environmental strategy, President Emmanuel Macron met with industrialists. There, the head of state proposed a new initiative. In order to participate in it, companies would have to submit to the government a project with a step-by-step plan to reduce harmful emissions. In turn, the French authorities promise full support for the implementation of the project. First of all, they will allocate funds for the transformation of production processes to make them more environmentally friendly.

French government aid to industry

Despite the fact that the countries of the European Union are demonstrating a good rate of achievement of climate goals, there are industries where the problem of emissions is still unresolved. For example, metallurgical, chemical and oil refineries use production technologies, which are accompanied by large emissions of carbon dioxide into the environment. In this case, it is not possible to quickly and painlessly switch to more environmentally friendly processes. In addition, such a restructuring of the entire production cycle is extremely unprofitable for business. It should also be understood that industrial giants provide jobs for about 30,000 French people and bring money into the state budget. Therefore, the work to reduce emissions must happen smoothly and with the support of the government. However, this approach does not mean that the state should be the main motivator in the process. It is important that business understands all the benefits of transformation, one of which is increased competitiveness. Today, many global manufacturers use environmentally friendly technologies, gradually ousting from the market companies that cannot adjust to the demands of modernity. And this trend will be more and more vivid, as many countries are interested in environmentally friendly methods of production of various products.
The government says that the main goal is not just to achieve the minimization of greenhouse gas emissions, but also not to reduce the rate of production. And it is important to develop a plan for this by working together so that by 2050 France will be able to declare itself an advanced, carbon-neutral economy.


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