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Advantages of using messengers to promote business

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What tools do messengers have for business promotion?

Today, messengers have become more than a communication tool. Users spend a huge amount of time on them: in messengers, they read news, look at entertainment content and make purchases. Given that good communication with the client is one of the most important factors in promoting a product, messengers become another advertising platform for business.
Communicating directly with the client has a number of advantages. This includes the speed at which potential customers receive information (such as discounts and promotions), and the ability to quickly make an order, get help from customer support, etc. In addition, messengers offer convenient tools for automating processes, such as chatbots. They help to answer frequently asked questions, register, and find out the status of delivery.
Another advantage of messengers is that they help attract a more engaged audience. The reason for this is push notifications, to which users often respond almost immediately.
To choose the right messenger for business, it is necessary to analyze its audience. Telegram, a popular messenger in Eastern Europe, is mainly used by adults under 44 years of age. Whereas WhatsApp, which is in demand worldwide, reaches a wider audience.


Entrepreneurs and business owners are advised not to focus on one communication channel, but to have accounts in both social networks and messengers. The reason for this is simple: for some people, it is convenient to receive messages, for example, on Facebook, and for others, on Telegram.
It is worth noting that Telegram is convenient because it gives the opportunity to create entire communities – channels. Given its wide popularity, famous brands quickly gain a large number of subscribers. It is also important to keep in mind that an audience needs to be retained by publishing useful and interesting content, not just internal company news.
Telegram also allows users to publish media content (video, audio, images), hold online broadcasts, publish polls, and send voice messages. And, most importantly, the messenger makes it possible to launch advertising campaigns using the Telegram Ads Platform.
WhatsApp is considered a leader in terms of user reach. Among the advantages of the messenger is the brand’s ability to independently initiate correspondence with a customer who has left a phone number. WhatsApp also has handy business tools, such as WhatsApp Business. This app allows small businesses to create their own profile and product catalog, as well as set up messages and quick replies.
There’s also the WhatsApp Business API (WABA), a paid app for larger businesses that allows for account verification and secure messaging. The platform is AI-powered and linked to a CRM system.
Companies are advised to experiment with content on different platforms, which will help determine audience interests and thereby increase reach. It is also recommended to create two separate channels – informational and user support. It is important to remember the brand style and stick to it on all platforms. Situational marketing will help increase interest in the company and attract new customers.


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