Tuesday, July 23

The Tastytrade trading platform will become the property of the IG brokerage company

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British broker IG bought the trading platform Tastytrade for $1 billion

It became known that a brokerage company from the UK IG is buying a platform for traders Tastytrade. The amount of the deal will amount to $1 billion. According to a statement from the parties, the platform shareholders will receive $ 300 million in cash, and the remaining amount will be covered by 61 million shares of IG. The value of the latter is estimated at $700 million.
Tastytrade is an online trading system. It provides users with educational lessons as well as content that introduces those who wish to learn about the processes in the financial world. In addition to its educational function, the platform also offers brokerage services. According to official statistics, more than 900 thousand accounts and about 105 thousand trading accounts are registered on Tastytrade for trading activities.
The platform offers favorable conditions for work, its commission is lower than that of other companies in this segment. Using the system requires no minimum deposit, and a margin account opens from the amount of $2 thousandTastytradeTastytrade has a user-friendly interface with an extended set of functions, including asset rating with liquidity, a calendar for calculating profits and losses for stocks and options.
The platform allows for trading on both PC and mobile iOS and Android devices. Tastytrade supports a large number of analysis tools. The main advantages of the system are its simple account management and clear interface, which enables a novice trader to quickly get the hang of it. The platform is also attractive for its fees, which makes it the best option for trading highly liquid stocks and options.
Tastytrade is among the few brokers where futures and futures options transactions are possible.
However, the program also has a number of disadvantages, including the absence of algorithmic trading and managed account types.
The brokerage company IG was established in London in 1974 and since then, it has become one of the largest providers of CFD contracts. It has representative offices in 14 countries and IG services are used by more than 195 thousand people. The company is highly appreciated not only by clients, but also by profile experts. In 2017, the broker was awarded prizes from four prestigious competitions, which evaluate service providers in this segment. IG was recognized for its high level of service with such awards as Best Trading Platform, Best Finance App and others.
The main convenience for a trader is a convenient mechanism of receiving funds – they are sent to accounts of different banks. This option of keeping deposits ensures that funds are placed separately from each other and are not combined with clients’ own accounts.


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