Tuesday, July 23

Metaverse Seoul: the Korean government has launched its own virtual space

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Government services will be available at Metaverse Seoul

In January 2023, South Korea launched a large-scale project initiated by the government. We are discussing Metaverse Seoul, a virtual copy of the country’s capital.
Users have been waiting more than a year for the launch of this metaverse. The Korean authorities announced its development in 2021, but the release only occurred in 2023. US$180 million were allocated for the creation of virtual space. The implementation is carried out in several stages. The second and third phases of the metaverse development are expected to be presented within 3-4 years.
The project fully replicates Seoul, its infrastructure, and its homes. Users can take walks around the city and see its sights. Metaverse is created for leisure and acquaintance with the metropolis. Residents can consult with specialists on administrative issues. This option of providing services will reduce the burden on officials and increase convenience. Addressing through the metaverse will reduce the need to visit government agencies to solve some bureaucratic issues physically.

Metaverse Seoul prospects

Metavers Seoul prospects

Even though the government is positioning the project as a tourist project, it is only available in Korean mobile app stores for now. Users from other countries will be able to enter virtual Seoul after all the stages of development are completed.
The metaverse is already gaining momentum, and it is popular not only among fans of the virtual world. Many brands are opening their offices here, including Samsung Corporation, mobile operator SK Telecom and search engine Naver. The authorities plan to develop the project, attract investors from other countries, and provide an opportunity to implement services available only in the digital space. In addition, educational programs should soon be launched in the metaverse. For example, since February 2023, one of the art colleges has been holding classes here. Several other projects are expected to launch.
It should be noted that the idea of creating a national metaverse is implemented in more than just Korea. In the fall of 2022, officials from Japan announced plans to develop their virtual space. However, many countries still need to be ready to invest heavily in a sector that can hardly be called sustainable. Despite excellent forecasts for the development of metaverses, most developers of such spaces still need to bring the promised income. In addition, the drop in Meta stock and the closure of the virtual world development project at Microsoft make us wonder about the prospects for metaverses. Microsoft, by the way, fired the entire team of specialists of the division – 100 people.
However, Metaverse Seoul is showing excellent results and expanding its user base.


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