Tuesday, July 23

Metaverse: the possibilities of virtual worlds for business

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The metaverse: perspectives of the direction for brands

The metaverse is confidently conquering the world, the coming of a new era confirms the growth of interest in NFT, the rebranding of Facebook, which is now Meta. Experts agree on one thing: the virtual world is closely intertwined with the real world, which means that it is necessary to follow the new trends.
Many large companies have already picked up the trends and are actively investing in the virtual space. Especially since the possibilities of the metaverse are enormous. It allows you not just to control your character, but also to buy different things, communicate, attend concerts, and work. The first to see the prospects of presence in the metaverse were the companies that are represented in the gaming and entertainment segment. A prime example is Epic Games’ Fortnite game developers, who have created a beautiful virtual environment. There are also new players on the market – Roblox, in its immersive worlds you can develop your creativity, improve your skills, and do other things.
And keep in mind that the metaverse is not just about colorful and realistic games. The immersive space makes it possible to create applications for training, for example, medics. In addition, the meta can showcase products, their benefits, and their characteristics. Avatars can merge into a single environment and interact, create programs, develop strategies, and much more.


Analysts say that the metaverse will be relevant for businesses of any orientation. That is why brands should already be thinking about entering new markets, but it is necessary to weigh up all the risks. All the more so because there are already successful examples of international companies that function well in the metaverse. This includes Nike, which has already filed and registered patents for its virtual products. They are sold on various marketplaces in the metaverse. In addition, Nike has acquired the company RTFKT, which develops sneakers for the virtual world.
Experts predict that the rapid development of e-commerce in social networks in the near future will cover the metaverses. They claim that in the not too distant future, most of the e-commerce market in the U.S. will be in metaverses. The virtual exhibition halls, fashion shows held in immersive spaces, active distribution of clothes and accessories for avatars contribute to this. The Decentraland metaverse already has a Sotheby’s auction that sells artwork and their NFTs.
All of these examples suggest that brands need to build their development strategies around the metaverses and their capabilities. The latter has enormous potential, and it would be rather foolish not to take advantage of it. According to experts, now is the perfect time to try your hand in a new direction.


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