Tuesday, July 23

New Zealand Cloud Architecture has received investment from Amazon Web Services

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New Zealand’s cloud architecture will be developed with investments from Amazon

The cloud architecture of New Zealand has attracted the interest of the Internet giant Amazon. It became known that the division of Jeff Bezos’s corporation Amazon Web Services will invest $5.25 billion in cloud solutions in the country. The program is designed for 15 years.
AWS plans to create more than a thousand jobs in New Zealand, in addition, several large data centers will be put into operation in 2024. Amazon Corporation takes it upon itself to train local employees in relevant digital skills. In addition, the U.S. Internet giant plans to continue cooperating with promising application developers in New Zealand. In this way Amazon will contribute to the economic and technological development of the country.
The New Zealand government fully supports the partnership with the corporation. It is certain that such initiatives will accelerate the processes of digital transformation, which is an important condition for the prosperity of the state.
Investing in cloud architecture will make a significant contribution to the local economy, which is still recovering from the pandemic. AWS technology and products are already being used by local banks as well as the Department of Health. New Zealand organizations are primarily interested in a digital reservation system that scales seamlessly to meet growing needs.

New Zealand's Cloud Architecture-2

It should be noted that the New Zealand market is recovering at a good pace, which makes it more attractive to investors. The country is not only economically but also politically stable, with a favorable business climate and support from the authorities.
Amazon’s data centers will allow local organizations to store data securely across the country, as well as reduce the strain on existing capacity. In addition, AWS promises to reduce latency.
In addition, Amazon plans to introduce services for analytical computing, as well as products based on machine learning and IoT technologies.
Digital solutions from AWS are convenient tools for businesses, citizens and government to interact. They will accelerate the introduction of innovative products for production purposes and optimization of companies.
Amazon notes that New Zealand is a promising partner for the corporation, as evidenced by investments and a long-term cooperation plan. AWS emphasizes its goal to help the country create a modern high-end infrastructure, which will operate both locally and globally. Particular attention will be paid to security in data processing.
New Zealand is not only interesting for Amazon in terms of building digital infrastructure. Back in 2020, Microsoft Corporation announced plans to build data centers in the country, for which it has already allocated $100 million.


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