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The most profitable professions in Russia: an overview of vacancies

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Profitable professions in Russia: what skills you need to have for a high salary

Experts have named the most profitable professions in Russia by evaluating vacancies on popular portals. First place goes to programmers, in this segment the salary level is the highest. Of particular value are specialists who develop and maintain 1C products, as well as design engineers.
For example, in Moscow, a 1C programmer receives a monthly salary of 170 thousand rubles, and an engineer, a designer in St. Petersburg can count on an income of 150 thousand rubles.
As for the requirements for the specialist, for the development and implementation of IT products, it is necessary to know the configuration of the program and the conduct of key business processes. In addition, the applicant must be able to program and write code for data exchange. The specialist’s direct responsibilities will include translating data sets into new configurations, developing the system, and filling it with special tools.
The design engineer should be able to create drawings as ordered by customers, as well as perform costing on a given project. In most jobs, the company takes care of work expenses, such as fueling vehicles or paying for cell phone service.

most profitable professions

Interestingly, among the most highly paid professions for Russians is a stone carver – the vacancy is open in Novy Oskol. Here such a specialist can be paid a salary of 140 thousand rubles. To do this, the carver must have skills in working with power tools and have a desire to learn something new.
In Saratov, an assistant foreman who repairs refrigeration equipment is promised to be paid up to 130 thousand rubles. To do this, the specialist must have a technical mind and be a responsible person.
In Novosibirsk, it is possible to earn up to 120 thousand rubles a month by performing the duties of a salesroom administrator. It is here that responsibility and punctuality are most valued in applicants.
In addition to the analysis of portals with vacancies, experts conducted a survey among the young population of Russia. According to the majority of them, the most promising profession is IT-specialist. More than 60% of respondents consider it the most profitable today. 56% see prospects in the work of a doctor, and 44% highlight the high potential of nanotechnology specialists. 43% of respondents also note the promise of virologists.
It should be noted that in contrast to Russia, in the world the most highly paid profession was the doctor. The average salary of a doctor in the US is 237 thousand dollars a year, and in the UK this figure is 259 thousand dollars. In Russia, the doctor receives about 11 thousand dollars a year. Top managers come second, followed by technical directors. In fourth place in terms of salary is an IT specialist.


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