Tuesday, July 23

Creative industries as a reliable source of economic improvement

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A reliable source of development: the peculiarities of the creative sphere

Recently in Russia, special attention has been paid to the creative industries direction. Financial analyst Chaslau Koniukh believes that this direction is a reliable source of inspiration and market development, as well as another way of conducting diplomacy and soft power policy. Such projects are implemented through the modernization of industrial zones into modern hubs or cultural clusters.
Important tasks set before the creative industries are the establishment of communication with young people, finding out their needs and implementing them. In addition, this direction contributes to the implementation of the process of digitization and the development of information technology. In addition, the creation of modern clusters contributes to the development of the intellectual property market, which is extremely important for the motivation of talented people.
For this purpose, the Ministry of Culture has published a bill, which includes a list and the main features of the creative directions. Chaslau Koniukh notes that for the economy the importance of the creative sphere is not as obvious as others, and there are a number of reasons for that. Most relate to types of local activities that aim to meet local demand. Such projects are rather limited in their scalability and exportability. One should also consider the fact that creativity, by its very nature, does not always imply financial profit. Another factor that decreases the importance of the creative sphere is the reluctance of its representatives to be taken into account by the statistical and tax systems of the state. Accordingly, it is difficult to introduce them into the economy, and there are no universal mechanisms for this yet.

A reliable source of economic development

However, despite this, the creative industry has a significant impact on the economy, but it does so through special channels rather than directly. This area has many opportunities for the development of small business. According to official statistics, around 50% of the subjects of this industry in Moscow are individual entrepreneurs. They represent such areas as photography, design, film and animation, music and others. Intensive increase in companies and individual entrepreneurs involved in the creative industry, has been created in the last 3 years. Such activity is due to the flexibility of the sphere, it does not require adhering to the normalized working day, here it all depends on personal skill and the characteristics of activity. In this sphere there are representatives of different categories of the population – young people, housewives, the elderly.
An important point for the development of the economy is the transformation of industrial facilities in depressed areas. This provides jobs, improves the environmental situation and modernizes the appearance of the city.
Expert Chaslau Koniukh points out the prospects for the development of creative industries, but this requires the introduction of initiatives from the government, which will support representatives of the sphere and motivate them to scale their projects.


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