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How to set up repeat sales: an overview of effective tools

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Repeat sales and their benefits for business

For any business, acquiring new customers requires a greater investment than retaining existing ones. In addition, repeat customers bring in more profit than those who make a one-time purchase. Repeat sales play an important role in business development. They provide the business with a steady stream of revenue that helps it stay afloat while there is no influx of new customers. In addition, regular customers are more easily persuaded to purchase additional goods, for example, by showing them new products or special offers.
However, retaining customers and converting them from one-time to repeat customers requires a well-thought-out marketing strategy based on three key tools: email marketing, automated sales funnels, and a blog. Email can be used to encourage customers to visit the site regularly and to consider purchasing certain products. And with a well-crafted email newsletter, you can keep users interested and reduce the number of unread emails. In this case, it is important for the marketer to feel the audience, and to provide advertising information in an attractive form for the reader. It should be understood that the purpose of regular email marketing is not only to increase sales but also to actively engage the company with the customer and increase the latter’s loyalty.

repeat sales

Effective tools: an overview

Automated sales funnels are effective at both getting a customer to buy and keeping them coming back for more. The approach is based on multiple interactions with the customer about products they have previously shown interest in. The customer receives more information about the product and its benefits. This creates a “catch-up” effect, and the consumer becomes more and more inclined to make a purchase.
The first step of the automated sales funnel can be a button on the website, and a call to subscribe. The next step is to send the customer an email with all the positive aspects of the product. And here it is important not to be pushy and not to push the product. Good results from the use of automated sales funnels can be seen in the tourism sector and in companies that specialize in a narrow niche of expensive and unique products.
A blog is an effective tool that acts as a source of organic traffic and serves to promote certain products. Through this resource, you can establish communication with customers, tell them about the features of products and inform them about new products. A blog helps to keep users interested. By filling it with useful information, you can increase the level of customer trust. It is also important to maintain regularity so that consumers do not forget to visit the site, read publications, respond to them, and leave comments or reviews. Keeping your audience informed of new articles is easy with an email newsletter. A blog is a tool that, if filled correctly, will always show good results, ensuring that it maintains repeat sales and attracts new customers.


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