Tuesday, July 23

Tesla Inc Corporation will issue an additional batch of shares to the market

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Tesla Inc goes to a new level of capitalization

Tesla Inc Corporation plans to issue an additional issue of $5 billion. As soon as this information became known, the shares of the electric car manufacturer went up and continued to rise in price.
The decision to place an additional number of securities was a split of Tesla shares with a ratio of 5 to 1. After that, the company’s capitalization increased by 12.6 percent, which was a record figure for such active trading.
Thanks to this, Tesla managed to outrun Visa Inc. in terms of capitalization. Elon Musk Corporation was valued at $464.3 billion, and the payment system has $451 billion. In the Standard & Poor’s 500 index, only six companies have a market value greater than Tesla.
Within three months, the carmaker’s shares went up 200%, and last year’s share price increased by 500%.
It recently became known that the corporation plans to produce an electric car, which will be available to a wider audience of buyers. The price of the product is expected to be within 25 thousand dollars, and it will be available on the market by 2024. So far, no official information has been received about the equipment of the car, but according to some sources, it will be called Model C, where C means “compact”.
This is not Elon Musk’s first statement to create a cheap electric car, but before that he did not name specific dates. According to the businessman, he believes that one of the problems of Tesla is the high cost of products, which prevents corporations to develop and expand the audience of consumers, to enter the budget markets.

Experts say that if in the next three years an affordable car from an American manufacturer appears, it will change the situation in the segment of electric cars and increase their popularity several times. The car on electric traction, which is almost similar in cost to the traditional model on the internal combustion engine, is much more economical in operation. This means that more users will want to buy an electric car.
So far, the MINI Electric Hardtop 2 Door, which can be purchased for about 30 thousand dollars, has been ranked in the availability rating on the American market. However, its power reserve without recharging is only 177 km. Nissan Leaf costs 31600, but it is already 240 km away. The cheapest option from Tesla is Model 3, it can be individually ordered in the Standard Range package, which will cost 36200 dollars. It is able to overcome the 354 km route without recharging.
Moreover, the company regularly improves the service, recently it has reduced the price tag for popular models for buyers from North America, accelerated the delivery time of cars.


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