Saturday, July 13

Truist Financial Holding Company became a partner of IBM Corporation

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Truist Financial Bank plans to implement quantum computing

The Truist Financial holding company has announced a collaboration with IBM Corporation on the Quantum Accelerator project. The programme aims to introduce quantum computing technologies to the banking industry. In addition, the companies plan to collaborate on Truist’s Innovator in Residence programme.
IBM’s Quantum Accelerator initiative will increase the efficiency of the company’s operations. Truist will be able to use innovative solutions to improve productivity and service quality in banking.
As part of the collaboration between the companies, IBM will provide Truist with individual access to quantum computing and resources to implement and apply these solutions. In addition, IBM experts will work with Truist employees to expand the company’s quantum computing capabilities. The partnership will primarily focus on identifying technical opportunities to improve the quality of consumer banking services.
According to Truist Financial Corporation spokesman Scott Case, the partnership with IBM marks a new phase in the company’s development. With the help of the IT giant, the largest US bank will be able to maximise the use of innovation to strengthen its market position and expand its activities in new directions. Quantum computing has huge potential for the financial sector. These technologies will transform the banking industry by providing practical solutions to today’s needs.
It is worth noting that IBM is a leader in quantum computing. The company has extensive experience in this area and can integrate solutions into the Truist business process system in the most efficient way.

Truist Financial partnered with IBM Corporation

The potential of quantum technologies

IBM analysts have conducted a study of the capabilities of quantum computing as it applies to the financial sector. The report predicts active growth in solutions based on this technology and its use in banking in the coming years. Financial companies need to be ready for such changes. To do so, they should:
– deepen the study of the possibilities of using quantum technologies in their activities;
– give their specialists access to the technologies and encourage their staff to innovate;
– include quantum computing in their long-term business development strategy.
Truist Corporation clearly follows these points. Quantum computing solutions have already been in use in several areas of the bank, and there has been staff training in the use of these solutions.
The Innovators in Residence project is another area of cooperation between Truist and IBM. This brings together representatives of the IT sector in an innovation centre organised by Truist. The bank has created ideal conditions for large technology companies and small start-ups to share their innovative ideas and technologies and implement them in the banking sector.


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