Saturday, July 13

The Visa payment system opens an educational program for the use of NFT

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Visa promotes the popularization of cryptocurrency and NFT

Visa, the largest payment system, has launched a new educational project. The program is aimed at helping to develop businesses using NFT. It is designed primarily for the creative category of specialists – artists, designers, musicians, and others.
According to the representative of Visa, this initiative will help talented people to start earning from their creativity. In addition, the payment system will be able to better explore the field of NFT, to analyze the problems faced by artists in setting up the monetization of their work. Implementing the program will give Visa a foundation for creating its own NFT products. While the company does not name the number of participants in the project but said that their number will be small, which will create a closed community, where all its members will support each other and develop together. In addition to technical support, Visa will also pay a one-time scholarship.
Plans to develop such a program first became known last year when Visa joined forces with artist Mick Johnson. The latter is a former baseball player, and after his career in sports he took up creative work. Johnson will become a consultant to the project participants and will share his own experiences. In February 2021, he created an NFT collection called Aku, which sold for $1.4 million in just 7 minutes. This allowed Mick to build a successful business around his project, and he is ready to help other authors enter the new world of modern technology.

Visa opens an educational program

The authors of the program from Visa point out the enormous potential of blockchain not only for making payments but also for creating masterpieces of art. The digital ecosystem allows creative people to go beyond the standard creative sectors and form new approaches to commercialize their work.
Visa is actively developing the cryptocurrency business. Last year, the company created an advisory division, which is engaged in providing educational services in the field of digital money. Visa customers can now receive professional advice from financial experts, retailers, and businessmen on the use of cryptocurrency and its functionality. In addition, it is possible to study the possibilities of the practical application of NFTs and earnings from them.
According to Visa representatives, the new areas will help promote and popularize cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. The payment network itself already conducts transactions with digital money, and its volume is growing regularly. Cryptocurrency is a new step in the development of Visa’s structure; it is an excellent option for scaling up business and expanding services for customers. Company experts note the huge potential of digital money for payments, many people around the world are ready to switch to cryptocurrency.


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